WiseQ is the next generation
Enterprise Mentorship Plus Platform

We empower organizations to build on their internal mentoring capabilities, measure impact and scale outcomes. Engage, inspire and transcend the limits of the typical workplace through our flexible multi-faceted mentorship platform that enables organizations to successfully deliver a range of mentoring programs

Mentoring is a strategy that about 71% organizations adopt to increase employee engagement ultimately improving productivity and business outcomes

Platform Components

Make mentorship an integral part of your company culture

By making strong mentoring relationships an integral part of your corporate culture, every participant gets benefited immensely, which will strengthen your organization

Mentoring is the key to retain and grow



Functional Expertise

Use mentorship programs to Integrate, Educate, and Promote your employees

By doing this you are not just demonstrating that you recognise the potential of your employees but are also eager to invest in their future. You are also positioning your company to reap the benefits of an engaged, loyal workforce that will help your organization in meeting its KPIs.